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Learning Context:

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The following is adapted from the Khan Academy website:



PHASE 1: Tech & Accounts

  • Students have accounts
  • Students can access YouTube
  • Students have regular, routine access to Khan Academy



PHASE 2: Guidance / Curriculum Path

  • Teachers have provided guidance for students with playlists / assignments / recommendations that address specific skills curated by the teacher
  • Teacher has reviewed / completed skills asked of students before assigning them to students
  • Students are engaged and working on lists in a sequential manner



PHASE 3: Accountability

  • Teacher has a way of holding students accountable for their learning on KA that is meaningful and effective
  • Mastery is incentivized; students are routinely taking Mastery Challenges



PHASE 4: Data & Analytics

  • Teacher is using data to drive instruction, small groups, peer tutoring, and 1:1s
  • Teacher looks at data during and outside of class time
  • Teacher adjusts lesson plans based on data



PHASE 5: Projects & Applied Learning







Instructional Strategies

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