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Performance Objectives:

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                                   Coaches should exhibit proficiency in the following areas:


Performance Objective 


1. Coaches will be able to create and follow a plan to meet the needs of their students.

This objective will be assessed by observation of the coaches developing their initial tutoring plans for their students. 

2. Coaches will be able to identify students struggling at certain tasks and assign appropriate exercises/skills and assessments to the students.

This objective will be assessed by the coach’s appropriate utilization of the “Skill Progress” module within the Khan Academy website combined with the “Make a recommendation” aligned appropriately with the student’s progress. 

3. Coaches will be able to utilize the assessments, reports, graphs, data and other resources to keep the student progressing through the website.

These objectives will initially assessed by a review test of their function following training. These objectives will later be assessed by monitoring their respective use within the Khan Academy website.

4) Coaches will be able to determine if the student’s goals are being met and the exercises are progressing.


This objective will be met by the demonstration and observation of the use and of the “Goals” met, completed, or abandoned  section of the student’s activity grid, as well as any “custom goals” set by the student or the teacher.



Assessment of Learning Outcomes
















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