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Assessment of Learning Outcomes:

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To determine if the training has been successful, coaches will develop and submit the coaching plan designed to meet the needs of their students.  To assess student access of materials and progress towards goals a survey will be sent to gather pertinent data. Coaches can easily access the data demonstrating student access use from Khan's Academy, but they will have to report the student/child's academic goals. To determine if the student's use of Khan's Academy was useful, coaches will have to respond to a survey again to report their student's academic success (mastery).


Learning Outcomes Assessment:


1. Coach needs to demonstrate knowledge of the resources available:

1)    Common Core Map

2)    Curriculum and playlists

3)    Learning dashboard

4)    Reports 


                         Selected tasks




2. Coach will set up a class roster

1)    Add students

2)    Schedule Math Pretest for all students

3)    Have additional resources available for students

 Active listening guides for students

 KA Journal expectation



Learner Characteristics

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